Employees and we depend on each other, and their contributions make us more robust. Therefore, we provide a good working environment for employees to make full use of their strengths, and at the same time, take care of them carefully, so that employees have no worries about the future. In addition to adopting humanized management and perfect treatment, Peiyu also provides a number of staff welfare and education training to continuously cultivate and attract various professionals, with a view to their happy work here, learning and growth.

Peiyu cares about your health

We provide labor insurance, universal health insurance and hospitalization condolences to take care of your health and personal safety through various insurance systems.

Peiyu Improves Your Quality of Life

We have community activities, so that you can participate in all kinds of leisure activities after work; we provide tourism, so that you have a good holiday; we provide social security and a series of safeguards to ensure your retirement life.

Peiyu hopes to grow with you

We provide continuing study grants and staff education and training, which not only enables you to learn and grow in your work, but also encourages you to continue to learn and enrich yourself in order to enrich your knowledge and skills.

Peiyue shares joy with you

On your birthday, we will prepare a carefully selected birthday gift for you; on your big day, we will provide a wedding gift, and we hope to enjoy the happy time of life with you.


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